Episode 14

Published on:

8th Jun 2021

Chris Burch Ju-Jitsu instructor talks to The Dark Master

Chris Burch epitomizes what a martial arts instructor should be, he's extremely friendly and likes to teach his Ju-Jitsu with a smile. He's also someone who appreciates good quality martial arts. Chris has his own martial arts studio in the Plymouth area where he teaches regularly.

Chris shares some of his thoughts on his martial arts journey with The Dark Master.

Plymouth Ju-Jitsu Club was first started in the late 1970s at Fighting Fit Club based at Rendle Street. We then moved to Stonehouse Barracks. Chris Burch then took over the role of instructor and thus Plymouth Ju-Jitsu was established.

Forming his first own club in Tamerton Foliot mainly training people from the police force, Shihan Chris Burch was then asked if he could run a Children's Ju-Jitsu club, so he did and the age range was from 6 to 16-year-olds.


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